What if your business spent less time and energy on waste? Wouldn’t you rather invest your resources in growing your business and bringing greater value to your customers?

Eliminating waste lowers internal costs and raises profits for the company. When you eliminate waste in your department, the result is better job performance for you and your team.

Business Process Improvement

As a business process consultant, I work with business leaders who want to strengthen and streamline business processes for better performance. I also help design new processes that are efficient and effective at implementation.

Here are a few of the results from business process improvements that I’ve developed for my clients:

  • Lower Capital Carrying Costs: a manufacturer was able to reduce inventory levels because we created communication signals with customers. Now the manufacturer builds stock based on customers’ actual needs instead of forecasts.
  • Faster Turn-Around Cycle: we shortened the hiring cycle from upwards of several months to several weeks starting from the time the position opens until the offer is presented.
  • Reduced Manual Intervention: we found ways to process all orders in a supply chain electronically and stop only those with exceptions.

In addition to helping businesses save time and money while raising profitability, business process improvements also raise morale among staff by removing frustrations and improving job performance. Business leaders enjoy fewer complaints and are free to focus their efforts on the next performance challenge.

With over 20 years of experience in business process improvement, I have established a wide range of effective tools and techniques that help organizations cut costs and increase revenue. Plus, I’m passionate about what I do. When we see the positive impact that improvements have, I get just as excited as my clients do.

To learn more about my services as a business process consultant and to find out how I can help you make your office more efficient and effective, please contact me.