About Me

Move More Work Through the Office Without Adding Resources

My name is Kelly Cousineau. As a business process consultant, I work closely with department leaders, managers, executives, and their teams to design, implement, or improve business processes.

My Mission

My mission is to help companies drive long-term success so business leaders and their teams have secure, meaningful jobs they enjoy. I help business leaders and their teams cut costs and increase profits by adding customer-recognized value to internal support processes. I work closely with my clients, using proven tools and techniques in combination with their expertise to eliminate non-essential tasks and improve critical processes.

Kelly Leading BPR

My Philosophy

My business philosophy applies to everything I do:

  • I respect other people’s ideas and experience.
  • I focus on excellence and consistency.
  • I guide others toward innovative ideas.
  • I drive projects to completion.
  • I am creative and constantly developing improved methods.


OptiComp History

After graduating from Purdue University with an Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering degree, I began my career in the aerospace industry with a company that designed and manufactured aircraft wheels and brakes. After ten years in this field, I returned to school with the desire to help adults better themselves through learning.

With a Master’s Degree in hand, I started teaching administration and programming courses to IT professionals, and later adjusted my repertoire to teaching professionals critical skills, such as team building, presentation development and delivery, and project management.

While serving clients in the manufacturing industry, I learned and developed methods for streamlining segments of manufacturing operations. These methods were easily converted to other industries, and eventually, I developed a specialty in bringing business process improvements to offices.

I take great pleasure in the work I do and am passionate about helping my clients achieve success through business process improvements.

To learn more about my services as a business process consultant and to find out how I can help you make your office more efficient and effective, please contact me.