Client Testimonials

Business Process Consulting

Business Development

You and I have personally worked on a variety of issues dealing with our Condominium Computerized Information System, our website, and forward plans for Harbour Towne Condos in general. Your analytical intellect, ability to target key issues, herd management to identify and agree on problems and resolutions and draft clear, concise reports back to management on the previous day’s discussions places you above all other Management Consultants I have dealt with in my 30+ years as an HR professional with various employers. – Jerry

Display Order Management Business Process Redesign Workshop

Thanks for facilitating our Business Process Review for 3rd Party Displays here at Kohler this week. I was impressed by how quickly you were able to cut through our jargon and acronyms and pick up conceptually on a far-flung set of processes, many of which I’m sure are foreign to you. You were also able to keep us focused and know just how deep to delve into the issues without getting bogged down in the minutia and still finish on time with a quality assessment. Your wrap-up presentation was also very clear and concise enough that their questions were easily answered. It appears we have gotten sufficient buy in from Management to get our recommendations rolling. – Bob

Affirmative Action Plan Reporting Business Process Redesign Workshop

It is my pleasure to recommend Kelly Cousineau.  Her performance working as a consultant for Kohler Co. proved that she will be a valuable addition to any company.

I have known Kelly for 1 year in my capacity as an EEO Coordinator at Kohler Co.  She has worked with me on a huge transition in our Affirmative Action Reporting.  Kelly distinguished herself by consistently creating, supporting and developing well-written reports and macros for our new Affirmative Action Reporting. Kelly is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills.

If her performance in our company is a good indication of how she would perform in yours, she would be an extremely positive asset to your program.

– Renee

Vision to Business Case Business Process Redesign (BPR) Workshop

Thank you for your efforts this week…Your skills to handle so many Type A personalities is remarkable…we made great progress… – Jay

Whirlpool Interplant Shipments Business Process Redesign (BPR) Workshop

You did an outstanding job of maintaining our focus and making sure we used the tools of the BPR. You have unique way of reeling people in when they go off on a tangent, even difficult people such as myself, without upsetting or embarrassing them. If I were you, I would not change a thing.

I would love to have you in Brownwood. Maybe, in the future, we can get a plant-wide BPR on a subject for both Plastics and Vitreous and have you down. I look forward to working with you in the future.

– Jerry

Kohler/Lowes Customer Synchronization Business Process (BPR) Workshop

As seen from the attached document, the Business Process Improvement Session was extremely productive…Thanks for the time and effort put forth. Lowes looks forward to hosting future sessions of this type as we continue to strengthen our partnership. – Robin

Lean Office

Lean Office Train-the-Trainer

You finished the lean office project as a true professional. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your creativity coming up with the concept, developing the material, piloting the implementation, modifying the material, promoting us to share best practices with other areas of Kohler, and then developing others to continue the program. You should be very proud of your accomplishment to add a major tool to the KOS toolkit that addressed administrative processes.

Thank you for the fantastic job you did on this project!

– Dave

Lean Office Workshop (30 days later)

People have commented how much they like not feeling like they’re imposing or surprising me upon approach–it’s made a big difference in a very short time…Anyhow, thought I’d let you know your time, effort, and inspiration were well worth it! – Sarah

Lean Office Workshop (6 weeks later)

It’s now been 6 weeks since I lean-officed.

I have to say the results have been great:

  • I actually have space to do paperwork
  • I haven’t received a single “your mailbox is over its size limit” message from the Kohler Computer Patrol
  • I have a filing system that other people can understand and get at if need be
  • I can see the photos of my family on my desk because there are no stacks of items blocking them
  • I’ve had meetings both scheduled and impromptu at my “guest chair”
  • I feel better about the day

Thank you again for the course–it’s been a real turning point.

– Ryan

Lean Office Workshop

Thanks again for the succinct presentation on Lean Office.

After Friday’s event I came to the office Saturday and spent 7 hours implementing the first stage of lean office. Result:

  • One bag of trash
  • Reorganized and purged physical files
  • Changed office in basket/files at hand, computer cords and phone to more ergonomic and efficient use
  • Physically cleaned work surfaces.

Second stage will be final purging of some remaining physical files. Third phase is the organizing and cleaning of electronic files, primarily e-mail.

– Mary


Project Management Coaching

I worked with Kelly recently and found her to not only be a positive professional influence, but also very generous in her willingness to share her knowledge and experience. Kelly never made any discussion or question uncomfortable and always offers an honest and direct response tying in her own experiences making it even more relatable. She usually followed up her example with a nice training document to store and use as a reference.

Coaching sessions were always logical and entwined with humor. In addition to the one-on-one conversations, Kelly was always ready to share her “techy” passion! Kelly is a true coach; she embodies knowledge, understanding, empathy and passion. I highly recommend seeking her services as you will walk away better for it!

– Tracy