Action Items Log

Action Items Log

Do you have a consistent method to record and track action items within your organization? Do you ever lose track of action items that have been assigned during meetings? The Action Items Log helps you keep track of assigned tasks and make sure all the work gets done.

The Action Items Log lists work that needs to be completed, and it can be shared with others so they always know what to work on next. The Action Items Log gives peace of mind because you always know exactly what’s pending, when it’s due, and who to contact to get the work done.

The Action Items Log helps you:

  1. Record and track action items along with their due dates and who’s responsible.
  2. Maintain status of items that are in progress.
  3. Manage delinquent and incomplete action items.
  4. Complete required work on time.
  5. Share with others.

Make sure your action items get completed by using OptiComp’s FREE Action Items Log.

Action Items Log screenshot

Action Items Log by OptiComp

Free Download: Action Items Log

OptiComp’s Action Items Log runs in Microsoft Excel, and it’s free. Use the instructions below to fill it out.

  1. Download the Action Items Log. Save a copy so you’ll always have a blank template to use.
  2. For each action item, enter: the date and ID number, priority and category if applicable, the item and its specific deliverable, who’s responsible, and when it’s due.
  3. Save and distribute the log to all appropriate team members.
  4. As progress is made on action items, add dated updates in the comments column.
  5. When items are complete, move them to the archive sheet.

For more information on the Action Items Log, read the accompanying blog post. The Excel file includes a sample page.

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