Decision Tool

Decision Tool

Making business decisions isn’t easy, especially when there are lots of factors to weigh and options to choose from. It’s frustrating when you find yourself running around in circles, not getting closer to making a final decision.

What if there was a tool to help you make decisions quickly and objectively?

OptiComp’s Decision Tool helps you separate emotions from facts so you can make fact-based decisions that will benefit your organization:

  • The Decision Tool is designed to work for individuals or teams so everybody can participate and own the final decision.
  • The Decision Tool helps you make an informed decision when choosing from multiple options.
  • The Decision Tool keeps track of past decisions, allowing you to maintain an evidence-based log of the decisions you’ve made for your organization.

Save time and resources by quickly making decisions based on facts and information with OptiComp’s Decision Tool.


decision tool

With OptiComp's Decision Tool, you with quickly make smart decisions based on facts.

Free Download: The Decision Tool

The Decision Tool runs on Microsoft Excel. The tool file includes detailed instructions, a blank tool you can use to make decisions, and a sample demonstration. Best of all, it’s free!

For more information on the Decision Tool, visit my blog post “How to Make Business Decisions Based on Facts, Not Emotions.”


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