Agenda Template

Agenda Template

Do you struggle with trying to make your meetings timely, relevant, and effective? With a clear plan, you can make meetings more successful.

An agenda is the published details of a meeting plan. It provides a road map for your meetings, including objectives, activities, and a list of participants with a detailed schedule to keep your meetings on track.

An agenda helps you:

  1. Set clear objectives and accomplish them.
  2. Address all issues and topics that need to be covered.
  3. Enable participants to prepare in advance.
  4. Stay on schedule.

Make your meetings more effective by using OptiComp’s FREE Agenda Template.

Free Download: Agenda Template

The Agenda Template runs on Microsoft Word, and it’s free. Use the instructions below to fill it out for your next meeting.

  1. Download the Agenda Template. Save a copy so you’ll always have a blank template to use.
  2. Fill out the following: objectives of the meeting, list of activities, meeting participants, detailed timing, responsibilities.
  3. Save and distribute the agenda to all participants well in advance of the meeting.
  4. At the start of the meeting, ask attendees if anything needs to change based on progress since the agenda was published.
  5. At the end of each meeting, ask the group what they’d like to see on the agenda for the next meeting.

For more information on this template, read the accompanying blog post and download a sample.

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