Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix

It seems like our workloads are always increasing. There’s not enough time to get it all done.

By prioritizing our tasks and activities, we can ensure that we finish the most important projects first.

OptiComp’s Priority Matrix is a free tool that you can use to prioritize work within your organization. The Priority Matrix is flexible—it accommodates inevitable changes to tasks and priorities. Its visual presentation makes it easy for everybody involved to see current priorities.


Here are the steps for using the Priority Matrix:

  1. Create a wall-sized chart of the matrix.
  2. Capture one activity per sticky note.
  3. Place each note on the matrix in its relative position.
    1. How important is it?
    2. How urgent is it?
    3. Reposition activities as necessary.
    4. Review the Priority Matrix weekly.

Positioning Priorities

  • High priority (urgent and important): complete these first to yield a sense of relief.
  • Medium priority (not urgent but important): complete these next so they don’t become urgent in the future.
  • Low priority (urgent but not important): resist spending time on these in favor of more critical activities.
  • Stop (low urgency and low importance): leave these activities on the matrix to show comparable priority
  • Park projects in the borders that will become urgent or important in the future.

For more information on this tool, read the accompanying blog post.

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