Stakeholder Communication Matrix

Stakeholder Communication Matrix

When you implement a change in your organization, how do you share the details of the change with all the stakeholders, especially when some need a lot of detail and others only need to be informed?

The Stakeholder Communication Matrix helps you organize the information and plan how and when to distribute it.

The Stakeholder Communication Matrix provides a framework to ensure you don’t leave anybody out when implementing business process improvements and other changes within your organization. It includes various groups and major information to be shared with everybody, and it addresses the concerns of those whose jobs may be affected by the change.

The Stakeholder Communication Matrix helps you:

  • Identify the people who need to know about the change.
  • Develop a clear, high-level overview that can be shared with everybody.
  • Formulate answers to questions from those directly impacted by the change.
  • Plan the timing and distribution of messages regarding the change throughout your organization.

Make sure your message gets communicated properly by using OptiComp’s FREE Stakeholder Communication Matrix.

Free Download: Stakeholder Communication Matrix

The Stakeholder Communication Matrix is available as a Microsoft Word document, and it’s free. Use the instructions below to fill it out during your next change implementation.

  1. Download the Stakeholder Communication Matrix. Save a copy so you’ll always have a blank template to use.
  2. Complete the details of the core message that will be distributed to everybody: what’s changing, why, when, and who has more information.
  3. List all the stakeholder groups affected by the change. Itemize their concerns, especially those whose jobs are impacted.
  4. Identify the best people, venues, and timing to communicate the details relevant to each group.
  5. Prepare the messages and send them according to the plan listed in the matrix.

With OptiComp’s Stakeholder Communication Matrix, everybody will know what they need to know, when they need to know it.

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