Welcome to The OptiComp Blog: Tips and Ideas to Streamline Your Business Processes and Increase Your Bottom Line

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The following post was originally published in July of 2012. Much of the information here remains the same, but I’m adding new services in the coming year. Check back soon to learn the details.

My name is Kelly Cousineau. I live in Michigan and I want to help you strengthen and improve your business. I want to show you how to streamline your processes and grow your bottom line. Together, we can bring more success to your company and make a positive impact on our economy.

How I Will Make a Positive Impact on Your Business

For ten years I’ve helped countless offices become more efficient, primarily by getting rid of hidden waste. Because the waste is hidden, you may not know it’s there. These are the most common improvements I implement in my clients’ offices; they all increase the bottom line:

  • Eliminate activities that are no longer relevant.
  • Prevent errors to minimize the need for peer reviews.
  • Shorten the time it takes to complete the process.

I’ve had the pleasure of improving office processes in several industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, and non-profits. It doesn’t matter which industry or which products and services are provided, every business has opportunities for streamlining. My broad base of experience helps me offer perspectives your industry hasn’t considered before.

Process Improvements for a More Prosperous Future

How many times have you asked your team why aren’t things getting done on time? only to hear we can’t do it faster or we can’t do it differently? When you examine your current processes, you’ll find out why your team hasn’t been able to streamline their workflow, and then you can overcome those obstacles.

Because your success depends on pleasing your customers and getting the best performance from your team, my process improvement methods help you achieve the following:

  • Understand the needs of your customers: without them, there is no business. Improvements that don’t increase the value you deliver to your customer won’t have a long-term benefit to you or your company.
  • Engage people on your team: they have the know-how to help. By involving your team members in the design of the improvement, they will become personally and professionally invested in the project and will work diligently to make it successful.

Your potential outcomes include reduced spending, more value for your customers, increased throughput, and ultimately better profitability. Your manager will notice your accomplishments and recognize your importance to the future of the company. You’ll spend less time handling process-related issues and have more time for the strategic activities necessary to achieve your next level of success.

Tips for Success in Business Process Improvement

This blog will share tips and ideas that you can implement to improve your business. Here are some topics you can expect from this blog:

  • Preparation: Learn how to identify problems in your business structures and processes, make sure there are valid business reasons for investing in solutions, and select the right people for the project.
  • Tools: Understand how to use critical tools like maps, data collection and analysis techniques to gain visibility over your current process. Afterwards, think out of the box and visualize an ideal process. Finally, use simple guidelines to develop a solution that’s feasible in terms of time and money.
  • Collaboration and Accountability: Collaborate with others to make sure everybody is as excited as you are – excited enough to support your process improvement solution. Hold people accountable to follow through and make your new process a reality.

Sign Up for Success!

I love what I do: working with business leaders and their teams, analyzing and improving processes, and seeing the amazing benefits as a result of our working together.

I can’t wait to share my expertise and help you strengthen your business practices. Whether you lead a department, run a company, or oversee a few employees, this blog will help you discover new ways to make your work more enjoyable and your business more successful.

Together we can make a difference in your office. I welcome your comments and invite you to share what works and what doesn’t work in your business!

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  1. Tracey Coy says:

    I liked the part that if it is not a value added to your clients or customers long term it will not be cost effective and the customer complaints will still come in.